2,6-Dioxopiperidine-3-ammonium chloride


2,6-Dioxopiperidine-3-ammonium chloride

Basic Information:

Product name: 2,6-Dioxopiperidine-3-ammonium chloride
Synonyms :
3-Amino-2,6-piperidinedionehydrochloride;2,6-dioxopiperidin-3-aminiumchloride;RSYY Avanafil)-31;PomalidomideImpurity6;Lenalidomide/PomadoamineChemicalbook;LenalidomideImpurity6HCl;LenalidomideImpurity9HCl;2,6-Dioxopiperidine-3-ammonium;6-piperidinedionehydrochloride;3-AMino-2,6-PiperidinedioneHCl
CAS NO.: 24666-56-6
Molecular formula C5H9ClN2O2
Molecular weight 164.59
MOL File 24666-56-6.mol
Structure formula:

Dioxopiperidine-3-ammonium chloride

Product Detail

Product Tags

Physical and Chemical properties

Storage condition:Inertatmosphere,RoomTemperature



Odour:no data available

Odour threshold:no data available

Melting point:120°C(approx)

Freezing point:no data available

Boiling point:no data available

Flash point:no data available

Evaporation rate:no data available

Flammability(solid,gas):no data available

Upper/Lower flammability or Explosive limits:no data available

Vapour pressure:no data available

Relative density:no data available

Solubilities:no data available

Partition coefficient: n-octanol/water:no data available

Auto-ignition temperature:no data available

Decomposition temperature:no data available

Viscosity:no data available

Refractive index:no data available

Safety information

Hazard symbol(GHS)
Warning word warning
Hazard Description H315-H319-H335
Defense Description P271-P261-P280
Danger category code 20/21/22
Safety Note 3/9-36/37


Stable under recommend storage conditions

Transportation precautions:

It is strictly prohibited to mix with oxidants and edible chemicals.
The exhaust pipe of the vehicle carrying the article must be equipped with a fire retarder.
It is prohibited to use mechanical equipment and tools that are prone to spark.
It is best to transport early and early in summer.
During transportation, it should be protected from sun exposure, rain and high temperature.
Stay away from fire, heat source and high temperature area during stopover.
Road transport should follow the prescribed route, do not stay in residential areas and densely populated areas.
It is strictly prohibited to use wooden or cement ships for bulk transport.

Storage Condition

Store in a cool place. Keep the container airtight and store in a dry, ventilated place.


Packed in 25kg/drum , lined with double plastic bags, or according to customer requirements.

Application Fields

It is a heterocyclic derivative, mainly used as a pharmaceutical intermediate.

Quality Specification

Testing Item



Yellow solid



Water content


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