Methyl 2-bromo-4-fluorobenzoate 98%


Methyl 2-bromo-4-fluorobenzoate 98%

Basic Information:

Product Name: Methyl 2-bromo-4-fluorobenzoate
Synonyms: Methyl2-bromo-4-fluorobenzoate98%;Methyl2-bromo-4-fluorobenzoate98%;RARECHEMALBF1088;methyl2-bromo-4-fluorobenzenecarboChemicalbookxylate;Methyl4-fluoro-2-bromobenzoate;5-fluoro-2-(methoxycarbonyl)bromobenzene;Benzoicacid,2-broMo-4-fluoro-,Methylester
CAS RN: 653-92-9
Molecular Formula: C8H6BrFO2
Molecular Weight: 233.03
Structural Formula:


EINECS NO.: not available

Product Detail

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Physical properties

Appearance: Methyl 2-bromo-4-fluorobenzoate is Colorless to light yellow liquid.
Solubility: Slightly soluble in water, easily soluble in organic solvents such as ethanol, methanol, and ether.
Stability: Stable at room temperature, but can decompose in the presence of strong acids or bases.
Boiling point: 75-78/1mm
Refractive index :1.531
Density: 1.577
Flash point (ºC): 100℃

Chemical Properties

Reactivity: Methyl 2-bromo-4-fluorobenzoate is reactive with nucleophiles, such as amines, alcohols, and thiols, which can displace the ester group and form new compounds.
Hazards: This product is irritating and can cause poisoning if inhaled or ingested.

products detail

Storage Condition
Methyl 2-bromo-4-fluorobenzoate should be stored in room temperature, drying, and well-closed

Transport Condition
It should be carried out in accordance with the physical and chemical properties of the product and transportation requirements, such as avoiding high temperature, sun exposure, impact, vibration, etc.

Packed in 25kg/ 50kg plastic drum , or packed according to customer’s needs.

Application Fields

Methyl 2-bromo-4-fluorobenzoate 98% is an important intermediate in organic synthesis, which has been widely used in drug synthesis, chemical reagents and other fields. It can be used as a drug precursor, used in the synthesis of anticancer drugs, antidepressants, antiviral drugs, analgesics, etc. In addition, it can also be used as chemical reagents, such as catalysts and reaction intermediates.


It is important to note that any use of methyl 2-bromo-4-fluorobenzoate needs to be produced and used under strict quality control. It is recommended to consult a professional and follow the product instructions before use.

Quality Specification

Testing Item Specification
Appearance Colorless to light yellow liquid
Identification/HPLC Retention time of the sample conforms to that of the reference standard
Water ≤0.2%
Max individual impurity ≤0.5%
HPLC Chromatographic purity ≥98.0%
Storage Room temperature, drying and well-closed

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